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A Guide to Dress Shoes for Men

Menswear is experiencing an explosion of interest and this also includes men's footwear. One of the growing areas of fashion is the different types of shoes that men like to wear such as men's dress shoes and tall shoes. Tackling what type of dress shoes would suit you requires understanding the DNA of these shoes. Use our guide to figure out which ones you want for yourself.

Types of shoes

guide to dress shoes

  • Loafers: These are classic men's shoes that can be dressed up or dressed down. One popular way of wearing them includes gala events and black tie. Loafers come in a wide range of colours such as classic shades like grey and black or brighter colours for daring buyers who want to try something knew such as blue. Loafers are ideal dress shoes because they go the distance with comfort and style.
  • Lace up brogues: There is something about laces that instantly gives tall men's shoes the polish that they need to be perfect for formal wear. The innovations in trends for men's footwear mean that laces are now more durable and they have different finishes which look good for formal occasions.


Types of materials used for men's dress shoes

guide to dress shoes

  • Leather: A hallmark of fashion is the usage of leather. Leather is made from various cow hides being stitched together depending on what type of shoe that you opt for. Men's dress shoes that are made from leather are practical options for people who want to look fantastic without any extra frills. Leather men's dress shoes are not high maintenance: with minimum upkeep, they can look fresh and crisp for important events and occasions that you have to attend.
  • Suede: This material is a type of leather that has a velvet-look to it. It is soft, plush and when it comes in colours, it looks fantastic. Suede height increase shoes look good as men's dress shoes because they add a stylish touch to any outfit. The top rule to remember when wearing suede dress shoes is they need to be maintained because the plush touch of suede means that it can experience wear and tear easily.


Occasions to wear men's dress shoes

guide to dress shoes

  • Evenings out: Going out whether it is to a bar or a club requires shoes that look the part. Men's dress shoes such as loafers and brogues are perfect for going out because they look clean and classic. Pair them with freshly ironed trousers or jeans to look smart.
  • Work meetings and presentations: If you have been chosen to give a presentation at work, you need to ensure that you look professional. Formal shoes for men made from materials like leather should be priorities on your list when you are shopping. An extra platform of height also looks good because it will give you an air of authority.

The category of men's dress shoes is bursting with plenty of options for men who want to stand out from the crowd. Elevate your sense of style today with a new pair!

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