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Are Flat Shoes Bad For Your Health?

flat shoesEverybody knows that teetering around in a pair of high heels is a dangerous sport, but few realise that flat shoes too can be a health menace. Any shoes without proper support are likely to cause injury to your feet or even other parts of your body over an extended period of time, and flimsy flats are often responsible for everything from bad knees to a sore back. That does not mean however that all flat shoes are bad: you just need to know what to look out for that could cause your trouble in the future.

Seasonal switch-up

Summer is a precarious time for feet because winter shoes tend to have better support than their summer counterparts. Snow boots and lace-up shoes are often well-built, with ankle and arch support which makes them comfy and healthy to boot. However when the summer rolls around, people tend to wear shoes without any support at all—which can cause serious damage in the long run. What may look like a perfectly nice pair of ballet flats might actually be something which causes serious harm to your health.

The worst possible scenario for feet is unseasonably warm weather: if you suddenly switch from wearing boots everyday to wearing flip-flops, you can do your feet real damage. Your muscles are like elastic, if you do not stretch them over a long period of time then they become slack and hard to stretch. Suddenly changing shoes means forcing your muscles to suddenly change the position they’ve been in for months. This can cause stress and damage to both your achilles tendon and your plantar fascia. In a slightly ironic twist, those that have flat feet have particular problems with flat shoes because they often do not have the necessary orthopaedic support for their particular feet problems.

flat shoes

Wearing out your shoes

Another problem with flat shoes is that constantly wearing them can be bad for all different types of health issues. Wear gladiator sandals all summer long and you are likely to end up not just with sore feet but also with back pain and sore knees. Why? Well this happens because flat shoes like sandals or ballet flats provide almost no support and therefore are not forgiven by your arches and ankles. Furthermore, sandals (especially well-worn pairs) in particular encourage people to shuffle instead of taking distinct steps—which is terrible for both your knees and your back.

The verdict?

Wearing any type of shoe exclusively for a long period of time is bad for your feet: your muscles need variation to keep them in top shape. Therefore you should mix in flat shoes, heels, boots and trainers to make sure your feet and especially the muscles in your feet are in great shape. As for flats, you should try and make sure that the flats you wear have at least some sole, arch and ankle support. Wearing a pair of crazy heels or flimsy sandals is okay now and again, just make sure you don’t wear the same pair over and over again.

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