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Are Lita’s Really the World’s Ugliest Shoe?

lita shoesMany shoes have been accused of being ‘the world’s ugliest shoe’, but fashion is too subjective for there to be any agreement on the subject. Whilst many name low-fashion shoes like Crocs or UGGs as the ugliest of all time, there are actually a number of high-fashion contenders for the ugliest shoe crown—the most prominent of which being that of Litas. Misty White Sidell over at the Daily Beast recently reignited the debate of over Litas, which have split fashion bloggers in a truly marmite fashion since they were debuted in 2010. So what is the verdict? Are Litas the world’s ugliest shoes or are they simply misjudged? Here are some of Litas most defining qualities.

They’re clunky

Nobody could ordain to call Litas sleek and unassuming: they are statement shoes whose presence cannot be overlooked. For some, that makes them an appealing fashion accessory as they add drama to otherwise plain ensembles. To other however, Litas simply look like massive centaur hooves which unnecessarily detract from otherwise good outfits. As a Frankenstein hybrid of an ankle boot, platform and traditional heel, Litas don’t really fit into any particular category of shoes.

They’re adaptable

The large surface area of the Litas makes them a perfect canvas on which to paint, with a multitude of different patterns and designs having become available since the shoe debuted in block mustard yellow. From sequins to stars and stripes, Litas come in hundreds of different colours and patterns which range from subtle to gaudy. Many Lita haters don’t have much against the design of the boot itself, rather the ostentatious patterns which the shoes can come in.

lita shoesThey’re comfy

Many Lita lovers praise the boots specifically because they are relatively comfy for a pair of high heels due to the high platform on the boots. While the heel reaches up to a towering 5.25 inches, the strain on the foot lessened by the unusually high 2-inch platform which softens the angle at which the foot rests. This means that Litas are good to wear all day everyday: a great thing for their lovers and a disastrous thing for their haters.

They’re social media friendly

Sidell’s main gripe with Litas is that they have become a hit with the most hipster of social media crowds possible: Instagrammers. The dramatic, gargantuan nature of the shoe makes them well-suited to photographing, and trendy young things of every inclination have been snapping pictures of themselves in their Litas over the past three years. While this trend is annoying to say the least (it is conformist, not unique), one should not judge a pair of shoes by those who choose to wear them. Litas may be beloved by the Urban Outfitters crowd, but that is not to say that they cannot be appreciated by other people too.

They’re not going away

Lita haters need to face facts: it has been 3 years since Litas first appeared on the fashion scene and they aren’t going away. In fact, Sidell’s article proves that Litas have actually achieved a degree of longevity and legitimacy in the fashion world. With that in mind, one has to disagree with the proposition that they are the world’s ugliest shoes. Sure, Litas do not conform to traditional aesthetics but that makes them dramatic as opposed to ugly. As with most things in life, it is all about moderation. Litas are loud by nature, so there is no need to add an ostentatious pattern on top to make them scream even louder. That is when they cross the line from chic to hideous.

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