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Are Shoes Inserts Overprescribed?

insolesIn theory, everyone wears shoes, or at least should. You’ve undoubtedly heard the popular saying “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” But what if those shoes happen to be uncomfortable? Are there loopholes around this rule? Generally speaking, no, there aren’t. However, shoe inserts may offer some sort of assistance in this area. As many choose style over comfort when it comes to shoes, shoe inserts are becoming increasingly popular, leading to the question: are shoe inserts being overprescribed?

The Background Of Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts can be prescribed by orthopedic doctors for different reasons. These reason may include, but are not limited to: foot pain, joint pain, daily comfort, injuries, athletic strains, and much more. It’s possible for these shoe inserts to even contain support for ailing arches.

The Purpose And Production Of Shoe Insertsinsoles

There is one main goal that runs parallel with the purpose of using shoe inserts: correcting lower limb problems and issues. Shoe inserts are basically used to assist with re-aligning the foot into the right position.

The production of shoe inserts has changed quite incredibly over the years. When first produced, the process of creating a shoe insert began with plaster. Plaster casts were made from a particular patient’s foot with plaster strips. These strips were wrapped around a patient’s foot for accurate fitting purposes, and then left to dry and harden. After hardening took place, the doctor would send mold and a prescription to an orthotics lab to create a shoe insert.

But now, times have changed. Specific companies that include, but are not limited to Delcam and Tom-Cat now have digital foot scanners to create a virtual cast. After a 3D model is created, it is then sent to the same type of lap to produce a shoe insert.

The Different Opinions Of Shoe Inserts

Runners and those who exercise on a regular basis are use to foot pain, and may eventually search for some sort of assistance i.e. shoe inserts. It’s been said that custom inserts will not only make your foot feel more comfortable, but will actually aide in placing the foot where it should be while you’re walking, running, etc.

As it’s noted that these inserts could potentially make your feet stronger, it’s not surprise that custom prescriptions are becoming overly popular. These prescriptions are mostly coming from podiatrists, with sales rising twelve percent annually within the past five years.

Athletes are noted as being the reason in the recent boom of the shoe insert, but it seems that some believe the inserts actually work against you. For instances, it’s been stated by one runner that knee strain only increased after he used custom-made shoe inserts. What’s the explanation behind this? It’s believed that his knee injury occurred due to the fact that there was limited shock absorption in his Achilles tendon.

Whether you’re an athlete, a runner, a walker, or someone who just has foot pain in general, you may wish to explore the idea of shoe inserts. With any new or aging product, the same logic applies: different results with occur with different patients. However, it will be smart to get a professionals opinion i.e. a podiatrist’s before making any expensive decisions.

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