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  • Fashion Icons for the Shorter Man

    Fashion Icons for the Shorter Man

    Though the male catwalks are often filled with hulking men that passed six feet in their teens, fashion icons come in all shapes and sizes. Whether they are barely over 5ft and sporting height increasing shoes or whether they are just a few inches shy of 6, men take inspiration from all corners when it comes to their personal style; here, we take a look at some of the pint-sized icons who have created their own fashion niche and inspired men everywhere.

    Tinie Tempah

    Rather than letting his diminutive height be an issue, Tinie Tempah reclaimed it and embraced it in his very own stage name. Known for his black-rimmed glasses and an array of sharp suits, Tinie (real name Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu) has set the fashion scene alight with clothing for the shorter man. Highlights include the traditional mac coat he wore for the Burberry Prorsum show recently, and an all-red suit that attracted attention at another fashion bash.

    Dustin Hoffman

    Iconic for his role in The Graduate in the 1960s, Dustin Hoffman has been a steady fashion icon for the shorter man ever since. Measuring in at 5ft 6, he is not short by any means, but has managed to dress himself in a way over the years that have offered a different slant on his frame. At many of the awards shows he attends, Dustin generally sticks to tried-and-tested slick suits, which look fantastic on men of any height, and offers a great template for any man to base his own look.

    George Clooney

    Known for wearing thick heels or elevator shoes, Gorgeous George, as many women like to call him, is an icon for the shorter man. In his earlier movies he looked like a towering, commanding figure, but in his more recent outings, both on the big screen and in candid shots, he appears to have shrunk in stature. George Clooney is the epitome of the phrase ‘height doesn’t matter’; many of the world’s most beautiful women have confessed to a crush on George, and in his charming suits with his suave silver locks, height is one consideration that falls to the bottom of the list.

    So how do these smaller in stature men walk tour? It’s all about the tailoring. While Simon Cowell may favour his high wasit lines, smaller men should wear trousers that sit at the hip. This serves to elongate the body, whereas higher styles tend to truncate the torso.

    While some form of pattern is usually in fashion, follow Clooney, Tempah et al and stick to smaller prints. Items that are from the same colour palette are also a must even when clashing prints, as this pulls the look together to create a seamless silhouette that can add the illusion of inches. And of course, to add those vital few extra inches, height increasing shoes are a subtle way to gain a little extra confidence. Just be sure to match them with the rest of the look to be a true trend setter.

  • Which Famous Men Could Do With A Boost?

    Which Famous Men Could Do With A Boost?

    The typical Hollywood A-lister is 6ft and over with a dazzling white smile and a finely honed body that has come at the cost of daily workouts. But what about those unconventional Hollywood heartthrobs who have found success and fame while looking up to many of their peers? We take a look at some of the most famous men on the planet who have made a success of themselves with or without a few extra inches…

    Tom Cruise

    Without a doubt the most famous A-lister who has never graced six foot, Tom Cruise is a major Hollywood star and has featured in some of the most successful films of the generation. He has dated (and married) some of the most beautiful women in the world, and has never let his height (or lack thereof) stand in the way of a movie role, a marriage or some other form of ambassadorial work. He has been seen looking shorter than Katie Holmes one minute and taller the next, we suspect he was wearing height increasing shoes although this remains to be confirmed!

    Daniel Radcliffe
    When first cast as the boy wizard Harry Potter, many people predicted Daniel Radcliffe would go on to feature in Hollywood hits and become the quintessential ‘leading man’. But at 5ft 5, his path has gone a very different way, and no one could deny that his talent has led him down a fruitful and exhilarating path. Jumping from horror films to the Broadway musical with a few naked roles in between, Daniel Radcliffe is an example of how height needn’t be a barrier to any kind of success. He is now a leading man in his own right, and will most likely go on to have a much more sustained career than any of the six-foot flavour-of-the-month eye-candy that grace many Hollywood films.

    Robert Downey Jnr

    With roles as superheroes and famous detectives under his belt in recent years, you may be forgiven for thinking that Robert Downey Jnr was a quintessential Hollywood hunk. But at 5ft 7inches tall, the man behind Sherlock Holmes and the recent Iron Man series is much shorter than many would at first believe. Despite this, his sheer presence on-screen and some of the gargantuan performances he has put in during many of his hit movies make him seem like a veritable giant of the silver screen, and despite being a way off 6ft, the supposed ideal height for a man, he has made a huge success of himself thanks to his huge talent.

    Of course, most Hollywood taste makers have stylists and camera trickery up their sleeve which can give them towering proportions on the big screen. In real life, more than a few have been rumoured to wear elevator shoes to give a healthy dose of self confidence…

  • Mens winter fashion essentials

    Winter Fashion Essentials For Every Man’s Wardrobe

    Being a trend setter and taste maker is in no way reserved just for the girls. If you pride yourself on your sharp sense of style, winter is the season for you but before you pack your wardrobe with bundles of hot off the catwalk looks, try our rundown of white hot essentials. Perfect for city slickers and country mansions, no man’s wardrobe should be without these winter essentials this year…

    1. 1.   A Sharp Suit

    Classic tailoring never really goes out of style but this winter a sharp suit is your go-to, especially for the festive soirees sure to dot your Christmas getaway. A suit is a wardrobe classic so it’s worth paying as much as you can afford to pick up an investment piece that will serve you well year after year. Textures are also big news this season so look for interesting touches such as the use of cashmere and leather. Be careful not to go too OTT on the detail as you won’t something classic that you can get wear out of and still look totally on trend in five year’s time, rather than something that’s going to look dated in a few months. Check out some of our formal and stylish elevator shoes for men which go perfectly with a sharp tailored suit.

    1. 2.   Tartan

    If you hit up Instagram you’ll have seen tartan packed all over your feed – from tees to hats, trousers to jackets, the Scottish staple is where its at style wise this season. The girls are going made for a classic red and black combo so it’s a safe bet if you want to look totally on trend and still impress the ladies in your life with your on-the-nose fashion savvy. If you’re a bit unsure, try an accent piece like a scarf –another winter staple- which can bring a casual tee and jeans combo right up to date.

    1. 3.   A Trilby

    Another steal from the girls who’re embracing hats and the whole masculine-feminine vibe for AW13, hats have been big news for the last couple of seasons are look set to be around for a while yet. Dapper, cool or footballer-off duty, there’s a trilby to suit your style. Classic black is a good investment but try a quirkier maroon or cream if you really want to stand out and make a statement.

    1. 4.   A Winter Knit

    There’s nothing cool about goose bumps and purple skin and if it’s good enough for the world’s highest paid male model, it’s good enough for us. A winter knit will probably be your most hardworking wardrobe buy this year. Look for chunky wool and textural detail such as cable knit as well as interesting design features like a shawl neckline in any colour that tickles your fancy. If you’re stuck finding something that doesn’t look like it was knitted by your granny circa Christmas 1990, H&M’s latest menswear campaign with super Sean O’Pry is all about the knitted jumper so head to the high street and rifle through their selection.

  • Flatforms: Fashion Genius or Fashion Nightmare?

    flatformsBoth men and women love the feeling of being tall, so it is no surprise that heeled shoes are an untouchable fashion staple. Yet there is an ugly truth that even the most ardent heel-lovers must acknowledge: high heels hurts. A small heel or wedge might be comfortable enough, but anything higher than a few inches is bound to cause some pain and discomfort. But what if you could have all of the height of a stiletto without any of the pain? Enter the flatform.

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  • Are Lita’s Really the World’s Ugliest Shoe?

    lita shoesMany shoes have been accused of being ‘the world’s ugliest shoe’, but fashion is too subjective for there to be any agreement on the subject. Whilst many name low-fashion shoes like Crocs or UGGs as the ugliest of all time, there are actually a number of high-fashion contenders for the ugliest shoe crown—the most prominent of which being that of Litas. Misty White Sidell over at the Daily Beast recently reignited the debate of over Litas, which have split fashion bloggers in a truly marmite fashion since they were debuted in 2010. So what is the verdict? Are Litas the world’s ugliest shoes or are they simply misjudged? Here are some of Litas most defining qualities.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Online Shoe Shopping

    Online Shoe ShoppingShopping for shoes online is a tricky business as it is difficult (if not impossible) to tell whether a shoe is for you without trying it on. However there are so many great bargains to be had shoe shopping on the internet, so it is important to try overcome this difficulty if you want to snatch up a bargain. With a little bit of imagination, shop shopping online can actually become no more of a hassle than buying any other type of clothing—you just need to prepare yourself first. So here it is, the ultimate guide to online shoe shopping.

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  • Are Flat Shoes Bad For Your Health?

    flat shoesEverybody knows that teetering around in a pair of high heels is a dangerous sport, but few realise that flat shoes too can be a health menace. Any shoes without proper support are likely to cause injury to your feet or even other parts of your body over an extended period of time, and flimsy flats are often responsible for everything from bad knees to a sore back. That does not mean however that all flat shoes are bad: you just need to know what to look out for that could cause your trouble in the future. Continue reading

  • Height Around the World: Why European are Outgrowing the Americans

    It might seem strange to some that there are scientists and historians whose primary focus is human height, but what might seem a rather banal subject at first is fascinating in the details.
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  • The Perfect Gap: What is the ideal height difference in a relationship?

    In the grand scheme of things, height compatibility might not seem like the most important thing in a relationship. However height is often a key feature in what we judge to make a person 'attractive', and men and women alike are often turned off by a large disparity in height. Because of this, men and women tend to have ideas about what is the ideal height and the ideal height difference between them and their perfect partner. Continue reading

  • A-grow-bics: A Shortcut to Height or Simply Tall Tales?

    Adding inches to your height by exercising sounds like a tall story to some, but one London gym is so confident in its ‘A-Grow-Bics’ class that it is putting its money where its mouth is. The Farringdon branch of the London gym chain GymBox has developed a new exercise regime with fitness trainer Pierre Pozzuto that guarantees you will grow at least 2cm in 6 weeks or you get your money back. Continue reading

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