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  • Extreme Measures for Extreme Height: 3 Insane Ways to Get Taller

    Height is often such a touchy subject that some will try literally anything to be taller - even if it dangerous. While many smaller-than-average people opt for certain clothing choices or heeled shoes to add the appearance of height, some are so desperate that they resort to chemicals or even surgery to add actual inches to their body. While adding the appearance of height does have certain benefits, there are much cheaper, safer and generally more sane ways to look taller than forcing your body to stretch or grow.

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  • The History of the Heel: Why Men No Longer Wear High Heels

    In modern culture and fashion, wearing high heels is almost exclusively a ‘feminine’ thing and it is unusual or even odd for men to sport a heeled shoe. Today many men are self-conscious about wearing heeled shoes for fear of being seen as effeminate, and shoes that do add height for men are euphemistically referred to as ‘lifts’ or ‘cubans’ as opposed to heels.

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  • Is there a correlation between height and IQ?

    It is well-known both anecdotally and statistically that taller people generally have it better in life. They have higher levels of self-esteem, they get paid more and they are more likely to have successful relationships. But incredibly, there is also evidence to suggest that taller people also have an intelligence advantage. Continue reading

  • Can Being Taller Pay Off in your Career?

    While it makes sense that giant NBA players are getting a good wage, few people actually realise that it is not just in sports where height can tender an career advantage. Recent research has confirmed again what many analysts have long suspected: taller people tend to go further in business and are better paid than their shorter colleagues. So why is it thatheight can transfer to career success so easily, and just what can you do about it if you’re not naturally blessed with height? Continue reading

  • 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes': Men Donning Heels to Protest Violence Against Women

    They say that ‘you can't really understand another person's experience until you've walked a mile in their shoes’, so when activist Frank Baird was brainstorming in 2001 on how to get more men involved in the fight against violence to women, he decided to get them to wear heels.

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