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Flatforms: Fashion Genius or Fashion Nightmare?

flatformsBoth men and women love the feeling of being tall, so it is no surprise that heeled shoes are an untouchable fashion staple. Yet there is an ugly truth that even the most ardent heel-lovers must acknowledge: high heels hurts. A small heel or wedge might be comfortable enough, but anything higher than a few inches is bound to cause some pain and discomfort. But what if you could have all of the height of a stiletto without any of the pain? Enter the flatform.

Flatforms do exactly what the portmanteau suggests: they are platform shoes which are also flat. A trend back in the eighties (think Bowie), they have raced back into fashion in the past few years (especially for women) and are now an eclectic fashion piece. Flatforms however are like marmite: some hate them and some love them, but an even bigger proportion just don’t know what to think about them. If that last one is you, then here is our simple pro/con guide to help you figure out whether for you, flatforms are fashion genius or a fashion nightmare.

Pro: They're just as comfortable as flatsflatforms

Never again will you be nursing your bunions at the end of the day, as flatforms are pretty much as comfortable as any other flat pair of shoes. While they can feel a like awkward at first, once you are used to wearing them they are just as easy to wear as ballet flats or Oxfords. Flatforms are great because they give you all the benefits of heels without any of the pain—because let’s face it, even wedges can hurt after a little while. Flatforms however will feel as good on hour one as they do on hour twelve. What more can you ask for?

Con: The can be a little... ugly

While a good designer can make flatforms appealing, many flatforms are just plain... ugly. In a race to be on trend, many stores have turned out flatforms that are anything but trendy and highlight all the worst aspects about this sometimes clumsy shoe. Therefore finding a pair of flatforms that makes the awkwardness of their design work can be a little bit of a challenge.

Pro: They're on trend

Flatforms are currently back in fashion for women, and work well with the coming summer trend of maxi skirts. Their eclectic and slightly strange styling works well with the Urban Outfitters crowd, and they will certainly add something different to your outfit. For men, flatforms are probably the preserve of only the most brave or flamboyant. If you want to give them a try however, don’t let others stop you!

Con: It's a long way to fall

Flatforms feel quite strange to wear at first, and until you perfect walking in them you may be at risk of tumbling over. If you fall in flatforms, it's pretty easy to wrench your ankles horribly because of the strange angle as which they will probably hit the ground. To avert this, try wear flatforms made from light materials. Most of the oddness that one feels when wearing flatforms comes from feeling like you have weights attached to your feet, so make sure you opt for a feather-light pair. It's the best way to make sure you don't end up unfashionably falling head over flatforms.

The verdict?

Flatforms can certainly be a winner, but it all depends on individual styling. Flatforms can look awkward and ugly just as often as they look edgy and wild: it all depends on how you wear them. So think carefully before buying a pair and make sure you invest in flatforms that are stylish as well as comfy!

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