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Michael Jordan: The Icon, The Basketball Player, The Commercial Actor

Michael JordanMichael Jordan is a name that is commonly known around the world. Whether you recognize his as an icon, a NBA basketballs player, an actor (admit it, you’ve seen Space Jam), or a commercial figure, you still know the man and his wonderfully long list of accomplishments. Let’s take a look at Michael’s early start and how he specifically managed to star in handfuls of popular commercials over the years.

Michaels Jordan’s Beginning, Before Acting

Michael Jordan, now fifty years old, was born in Brooklyn, New York. Universally known by just his initials—MJ—he his noted as being the world’s greatest basketball player of all time. He began his basketball career at the University of North Carolina, before joining the NBA and playing for the Chicago Bulls in 1984.

Jordan officially retired from the Chicago Bulls (for the second time) in 1999, but then returned to basketball in 2001. This time, he was part of the Washington Wizards and played with them for two years.

Other Career Interests

Michael Jordan is no stranger to the entertainment business. First an athlete—basketball, and then a small stint as a baseball player—Michael has also been involved in several endorsements deals, iconic commercials, and film.

He starred in the 1996 feature film Space Jam as himself, is noted for the popular success of Nike’s Air Jordan tennis shoes, and has starred in dozens of commercials for different business including, but not limited to: Hanes, McDonalds, Ball Park hot dogs, Coke, and more. Let’s take a look at a few of these iconic commercials.

The Commercials

  • Hanes

A popular commercial starring Michael Jordan is the Hanes commercial; however, there has been more than just one. Still airing today, Michael can be seen in several different commercials endorsing the famous underwear. Most of these commercials have different men showing Michael their underwear, proving that they are in fact wearing Hanes. A recent spot has Michael sitting on an airplane, while another passenger details the flexibility of the Hanes underwear.

  • McDonalds

Michael has been seen in several different McDonalds’ commercials over the years, as well. One particular commercial doesn’t actually star Michael, but does have two of his co-stars from Space Jam playing basketball against two other pros—Sylvester and the Tasmanian Devil. This commercial endorses Michael’s own burger meal—Michael Jordan’s McBacon Deluxe. Taking place in the 90’s, this meal was only available for a limited amount of time.

  • Coke

Michael_Jordan_Coke_PosterIn one of his older commercials, Michael endorses Coke. The commercial is quite comical and plays on his abilities as an athlete. This commercial shows Michael using a six-pack of Coke as if it were a basketball. He wraps the cans around his back, as if performing a basketball trip, before slam-dunking the Coke cans into a tree house full of kids.


Ball Park Hot Dogs

Another earlier commercial in his career, Michael has endorsed Ball Park hot dogs. Again, this commercial plays on the athlete’s abilities as a basketball star. Taking place on an actual court and during a game, Michael can be seen doing his famous slam-dunk jump routine in order to catch a hot dog.
Famous for many different attributes, Michael Jordan is clearly a household name and an icon. Though he made his start and name as a basketball player, it’s interesting to know that younger audiences may recognize him from his numerous and popular commercials. Many of these commercials can still be seen today, whether on TV or the Internet.

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