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The Birth of Altitude Shoes

Altitude Shoes was born when its founder wanted more out of life and realised what it took to do just that. An ambitious man in his late 20s, he had already achieved excellence in several fields; however, he felt there was something missing.  He was short. And he wanted to be taller. So, he set out to turn this short-term disadvantage into a long-term advantage.

After trying numerous methods, some of which worked, some of which didn't (discussed further below). He found that he wanted high quality, height increasing shoes that not only looked good and fit comfortably, but discreetly added inches to his height as well.

After doing some research and discovering the industry of height- increasing footwear, he started wearing height-increasing shoes and noticed a difference in the way people interacted with him, particularly people he felt intimidated by prior to having this newfound height and confidence. Unfortunately, however, he was also a victim of poor quality products that tore apart; felt uncomfortable and some shoes even had the height- increasing mechanism so obviously exposed that people could tell he was wearing elevator shoes.

Instead of risking more disappointment and wasting more money, he took the time and effort to design his own catalogue of height increasing shoes, with careful detail paid to aesthetic appeal, comfort and using quality material such as leather. This eventually grew to become 'Altitude Shoes'. Since our launch in November 2009, Altitude Shoes has continued to evolve in size and structure of its production ventures through calculated achievements and investments.

Today, Altitude Shoes is one of the best and most reliable manufacturers of high quality height-increasing footwear for men and is continually growing on a daily basis with an ever-increasing client base. This comes to no surprise to us as we strive to provide exceptional service and support to our customers, and we believe it is this attitude that places us at the forefront of the height-increasing footwear industry.

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