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The Highest Of High Heels

high heelsFor whatever reason, women seem to love wearing high heels. In some cases, the higher the heel often creates an even bigger urge to sport the sometimes-uncomfortable footwear.

Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker and her portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City is to blame for women craving the luscious length added when sporting stilettos.

The list as to why women wear high heels is long and individualized for specific ladies. There are different styles and brands of heels available at different department stores including, but not limited to: Macy’s, Nordstrom, Designer Shoe Warehouse, etc. Let’s take a specific look as to just how high heels can actually be, and who designs them.

Pleasure Or Pain

The pleasure of adding inches with sleek footwear sometimes overshadows the nagging pain that can erupt from wearing high heels. The following link shoes a picture of a very stylish and sexy stiletto. While this black shoe is fierce and sexy standing at seven inches tall, it is not the highest heel made available.

In fact, compared to other types of heels, it seems that a seven-inch stiletto is almost considered to be normal or basic. It’s interesting to note (as detailed in the link) how the woman’s leg appears to be somewhat unnatural while sporting the shoe.

Do You Ballet?high heels

Christian Louboutin, a brand worn many times by SJP in her iconic Sex and the City role, is famous for having red sole stilettos. However, the famous designer is now known for another characteristic: producing eight feet high shoes!

While these shoes may be the highest shoe ever made, it questionable if they should even be considered in the race, as they are said to have not actually been made for wear. Take a look at this picture and make the ultimate decision f beauty over pain.

And The Award For The Highest Heel Goes To . . .

This next heel is considered to be the highest of heel by the Guinness World of Records, no doubt. Just how high his is this stiletto? The LadyBWear is recognized as standing eleven inches tall. Take a look at the following picture and see if you would dare attempt to walk down the street in these shimmering red heels.

Though LadyBWear seems to win the price of the highest heel ever produced, a logical question should quickly come to mind: can anyone actually walk in these heels? That is, can anyone actually walk in these heels without falling down or damaging their feet? You decide.

High heels come in different styles, brands, and sizes. Heel length has been a questionable factor for many women for quite some time. Realistic heights tend to be between four and six inches, with six being considered by some to be awfully high. But it’s not the height of the shoe that counts; it’s if you can walk and function in them. While heels can be purchased just about anywhere: department stores, magazines, and online; the deciding factor shouldn’t be how tall you can become, but how comfortable you feel.

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