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How to Get Taller eBook

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Quick Overview

I'm James Silverstone - the Founder of Altitude Shoes.

Before I created Altitude Shoes, I went on a 2-year quest to try and find ways to get taller naturally.

I learned a huge amount in this time and wish I knew these secrets when I first got started. Instead, I spent years researching and testing.

Recently, I've put all of these findings into a single eBook so that you could learn.

By applying the secrets in the book, I successfully gained 3 inches in just a few short weeks.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

- Over 8 secret tips to appear taller and more confident immediately… (not including by wearing Altitude Shoes!)
- The 3 major factors controlling your height… and the ways you can grow despite these factors!
- The right ways to stand and bend to unlock your spine's growth potential!
- The exact foods you need to eat to stimulate Human Growth Hormones, build proteins, cells etc… and achieve maximum height growth!

... And much more!

I hope you enjoy the eBook.

Warm regards,
James Silverstone
How to Get Taller eBook

This 44-page ebook is the ultimate guide to becoming taller.

It reveals all of the secrets of getting taller that James Silverstone (Founder of Altitude Shoes) struggled to learn over years of research.
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