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Mens Fashion

  • Top 5 Fashion Tips to Look Taller

    Fashion_Tips1. Wear vertically-oriented patterns


    If going horizontal widens and going vertical lengthens, then it also applies to styling. The patterns on your clothing guides the viewers accordingly and creates an illusion to how you want to look. Therefore the best choice when it comes to shirt patterns is vertical stripes. The thinner and narrower the stripes, the slimmer and longer you look.

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  • 5 Best gentleman's shoe shine products


    Just bought yourself a pair of shoes and not sure how long they’re going to last? Or have you ever had that slight feeling of heartbreak when a tiny of dirt lands on your crisp white shoes? Well at Altitude, we care about your shoe maintenance just as much as what shoes are perfect for you! From height to style, keeping them clean and fresh is just as crucial.


    Although most shoes only last a year, with proper care and polish, you’ll be able to keep your shoes as good as new! We researched and narrowed down the top 5 shoe care kits for you:

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  • Many Versatile High Heel Shoes

    Men’s high heel shoes are very stylish, masculine, and fashion forward. They are specifically designed for men who are short in stature. They are also designed to go with all of the activities that a man might have on the schedule. A man who isn’t quite as tall as he’d like to be, can fill his closet with many versatile choices of footwear.
    Men’s high heel shoes are perfectly made for the businessman who goes to work in a suit. A conservative black slip on or lace up is perfectly paired with black slacks, a black jacket, and a tie. The shoes are also designed for the more casual male who prefers a fun shade of blue or tan. These shoes can be bought as a high top athletic shoe or an ankle boot. Either one makes an amazing choice. For the single man who has a date and wants to appear taller, there is a great pair for him. A denim blue casual suede lace-up shoes look great with a pair of denim jeans. The short man can impress his date with his sense of fashion when he wears any one of these sensible men’s height enhancing shoes.
    Men’s high heel shoes are available in a variety of sizes. Choose from many different shoes that will add from two to four inches of height. The height is creatively hidden within the shoe. They are also made with comfort in mind. There is no reason to purchase height enhancing shoes that aren’t comfortable. If the men’s high heal shoes aren’t comfortable, versatile, or fashionable, they will just sit in the closet remaining unworn.
    Height enhancing shoes should also be affordable. Men who want shoes that make them look taller also want shoes that are affordable. Having a variety of shoes for different occasions is important for not just women but also for men. From the office to the bar, men need choices in footwear. When a man finds the brand he loves, he will stick with it. That is why these men’s high heel shoes ( are a great choice. The gentleman can fill his closet with a pair for every occasion and know that he will be comfortable and impressive wherever he goes.

  • Top Tips for Wearing Loafers with Style and Flair

    As a shoe, the loafer straddles the realm between dress and casual, allowing many a man to comfortably smarten up a pair of shorts for a summer picnic, or dress down a suit, achieving a effortless and fashionable result. Due to the casual history of the loafer, it is unlikely to ever be considered a truly formal men’s shoe. But by following a few simple pointers, you can be sure to pull off a stylish ensemble with comfort and flair.

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  • History of the Loafer: A Comfortable, Stylish Walk Down Memory Lane

    Throughout time, loafers have adorned the feet of royals, been improved by Norwegians and popularised by Europeans and Americans alike.  But where does the loafer come from? Let us walk you through its evolution from humble house shoe, to casual outdoor shoe, to "perfectly acceptable with a suit" shoe. Continue reading

  • How to Get Taller

    Society has accustomed us to linking taller men with masculine qualities such as success, ambition and confidence. Taller men often get the girl, the job and the promotion among other rewards. Why? Because height is an indicator of good genes and this helps in the worlds of dating and business where people judge you and make assumptions about you based on how you look and dress. It is not fair, but it is reality. Continue reading

  • Fashion Icons for the "Vertically Challenged" Man

    Although catwalks typically feature hulking men that passed six feet in their teens, fashion icons come in all shapes and sizes. Whether they are barely over 5ft and sporting height increasing shoes or whether they are just a few inches shy of 6ft, men take inspiration from all corners when it comes to their personal style. Here, we take a look at some of the pint-sized icons who have created their own fashion niche and inspired men everywhere.

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  • The Perfect Gap: What is the ideal height difference in a relationship?

    In the grand scheme of things, height compatibility might not seem like the most important thing in a relationship. However height is often a key feature in what we judge to make a person 'attractive', and men and women alike are often turned off by a large disparity in height. Because of this, men and women tend to have ideas about what is the ideal height and the ideal height difference between them and their perfect partner.  This is especially apparent in people who markedly above or below average height. Continue reading

  • The history of the heel: Men wore them first

    In modern culture and fashion, wearing high heels is almost exclusively a ‘feminine’ thing. Today men may feel self-conscious about wearing heeled shoes, and shoes that do add height for men are usually referred to as ‘lifts’, ‘cubans’ or 'elevator shoes' rather than 'heels'.  In light of this, many people may be surprised to learn that historically it was actually men who started the trend of wearing high heels.

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  • Mens winter fashion essentials

    Winter Fashion Essentials For Every Man’s Wardrobe

    Being a trend setter and taste maker is in no way reserved just for the girls. If you pride yourself on your sharp sense of style, winter is the season for you but before you pack your wardrobe with bundles of hot off the catwalk looks, try our rundown of white hot essentials. Perfect for city slickers and country mansions, no man’s wardrobe should be without these winter essentials this year… Continue reading

  • Would You Attend A ‘Same Height Party’?

    Depending on your height, you are probably used to looking up or down at people to talk to them. But what would happen if you turned up at a party and found everybody was exactly the same height? That is the idea artist Hans Hemmert had when he threw a ‘Same Height Party’ to photograph for a German art exhibition, as seen above. While Hemmert’s photographs are actually from a 1997 exhibit, they lived in relative artistic obscurity until they made their way on social media sites last year.

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  • "Below Average" Height Celebs with "Well Above Average" Success

    The typical Hollywood A-lister is 6ft+ with a dazzling white smile and a finely honed body - unrepresentative of the rest of the population, but an ideal many men strive for nonetheless. So what about those unconventional Hollywood heart throbs who have found success and fame while looking up to many of their peers? We take a look at some of the most famous men on the planet who have made a success of themselves - with or without those few extra inches…

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  • When Small Men Make Big Leaders: Why Height Matters When it Comes to World Leaders

    Our stereotypes about height pervade group thinking and popular culture, so much so that it actually affects the kind of leaders we choose. Taller men supposedly reap many benefits, one of which is that they are seen as more capable leaders. However when one looks at the data on the height of world leaders, there are many short surprises.

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  • 5 Common Sense Ways for Men to Appear Taller

    Taller people enjoy many proven benefits in life including better relationships, better salaries and better self-confidence. It is not surprising therefore that many people who are not naturally gifted with height look for ways to artificially add inches to their body. While women can simply don a pair of heels, men have to resort to subtler arts to try to increase their perceived height better than just buying height increasing shoes.

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