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Height Increasing Tips

  • Buy More Than One Pair

    A popular trend has men soaring to new heights. Height increasing shoes in the UK are a popular choice for men who are short in stature. They can add anywhere from 5 – 9 centimetres to the height of the wearer. Besides adding height they also look stylish and fashionable. The man who is looking for bit more height will want to purchase several pair of height increasing shoes.

    Men in any career field can benefit from stylish height increasing shoes. They are available in a variety of colours that match the perfect suit. Black Italian leather shoes that every man would be proud to adorn. In addition to black, brown, grey and blue are also good options. In addition to pairing these shoes with a business suit, there are many that look great for every day wear. Consider a pair of blue or tan high top suede shoes for casual occasions. Bring out your fun side with red shoes.

    Today’s man wants choices. They need more than two pair of shoes. There are both casual and dress occasions that require appropriate attire. Whether at the golf club, the board meeting, or the sports bar, a man needs his shoes to reflect his personality. They should not only look fabulous no matter what he is wearing but they should also be comfortable.

    When a man is short in stature he may think that his shoes have to have high heels, tall insoles, and that means uncomfortable shoes. That couldn’t be further from the truth with height increasing shoes in the UK ( These shoes are not only stylish but they are also comfortable. A man can easily wear them throughout the day without his feet hurting. When shoes make a man taller, look amazing, and are comfortable, why wouldn’t he want a closet full of them? Height increasing shoes are a valuable purchase for the man who is not as tall as he’d like to be. They create an increase in stature which in turn increases a man’s confidence. They look trendy and sophisticated when matched with either causal or dress attire. The man who fills his closet with these shoes will be the envy of every event that he attends.

  • Ask for a lofty gift this Christmas

    With the festive season fast approaching, many husbands, boyfriends, brothers, sons and friends will be asked the impossible question: "What do you want this Christmas?".

    Panic not. This year, why not ask for a new pair of Altitude Shoes? They will make a great investment to your wardrobe, are stylish and comfortable and - even better - will add height to your stature.

    But we aren't the only ones who think these are a great gift. Our shoes were recently included in a gift guide, which you can view here:

    Happy shopping!

  • From top to toe: How to wear men's dress shoes

    So you want to look smart, but you're not sure where to start?  Or maybe you're already a fashionable fellow, looking for a few tips on wearing dress shoes.  Either way, take a look at this week's blog.

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  • Not too tall, not too short, just right: How do you measure up in a relationship?

    At Altitude Shoes, we’ve blogged previously about the ideal height difference in a relationship and were interested to find this study recently conducted by YouGov (July 2014), which researched men and women to find the heights that they felt were ideal or acceptable for a romantic partner, compared against actual (self-reported) average heights. Wanting to keep our readers informed, we’ve outlined the findings below. Continue reading

  • Tall tales about Napoleon: Not as short as you may have heard

    Napoléon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821) was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the latter stages of the French Revolution and its associated wars. Although British propaganda of the time promoted the idea that Napoleon was short – and this belief prevails even today – his height was actually “average” for the period. Continue reading

  • Top Tips for Wearing Loafers with Style and Flair

    As a shoe, the loafer straddles the realm between dress and casual, allowing many a man to comfortably smarten up a pair of shorts for a summer picnic, or dress down a suit, achieving a effortless and fashionable result. Due to the casual history of the loafer, it is unlikely to ever be considered a truly formal men’s shoe. But by following a few simple pointers, you can be sure to pull off a stylish ensemble with comfort and flair.

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  • History of the Loafer: A Comfortable, Stylish Walk Down Memory Lane

    Throughout time, loafers have adorned the feet of royals, been improved by Norwegians and popularised by Europeans and Americans alike.  But where does the loafer come from? Let us walk you through its evolution from humble house shoe, to casual outdoor shoe, to "perfectly acceptable with a suit" shoe. Continue reading

  • How to Get Taller

    Society has accustomed us to linking taller men with masculine qualities such as success, ambition and confidence. Taller men often get the girl, the job and the promotion among other rewards. Why? Because height is an indicator of good genes and this helps in the worlds of dating and business where people judge you and make assumptions about you based on how you look and dress. It is not fair, but it is reality. Continue reading

  • Impressive historical figures under 5'5"

    There are literally hundreds of famous individuals who have disproved the theory that being short impedes success.  Two of those include Beethoven and Picasso. Continue reading

  • Extreme Measures for Extreme Height: 3 Insane Ways to Get Taller

    Height is often such a touchy subject that some will try literally anything to be taller - even if it dangerous. While many smaller-than-average people opt for certain clothing choices or heeled shoes to add the appearance of height, some are so desperate that they resort to chemicals or even surgery to add actual inches to their body. While adding the appearance of height does have certain benefits, there are much cheaper, safer and generally more sane ways to look taller than forcing your body to stretch or grow.  Here are three crazy ways to get taller that we certainly would not recommend at home, no matter how short you are!

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  • Can Being Taller Pay Off in your Career?

    While it makes sense that giant NBA players are getting a good wage, few people actually realise that it is not just in sports where height can tender an career advantage. Recent research has confirmed again what many analysts have long suspected: taller people tend to go further in business and are better paid than their shorter colleagues. So why is it that height can transfer to career success so easily, and just what can you do about it if you’re not naturally blessed with height? Continue reading

  • Height Around the World: Why European are Outgrowing the Americans

    It might seem strange to some that there are scientists and historians whose primary focus is human height, but what might seem a rather banal subject at first is fascinating in the details.
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  • A-grow-bics: A Shortcut to Height or Simply Tall Tales?

    Adding inches to your height by exercising sounds like a tall story to some, but one London gym is so confident in its ‘A-Grow-Bics’ class that it is putting its money where its mouth is. The Farringdon branch of the London gym chain GymBox has developed a new exercise regime with fitness trainer Pierre Pozzuto that guarantees you will grow at least 2cm in 6 weeks or you get your money back. Continue reading

  • Why Adding Inches Can Improve Your Career

    Height is inextricably linked in our subconscious to power, and therefore it is unsurprising that taller people tend to do better in business. By almost all measurements, taller people rise higher in business, earn more money and progress further in their careers. The question at hand is why do taller people (especially men) have an advantage and does adding inches to your own frame help you reap those same benefits?

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