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Rockstar Executive Assistant To A Tech / E-Commerce CEO


I am the CEO of Altitude Shoes ( and I'm seeking a bright, detail-oriented, multi-tasking, fast talking, fast typing superhero to assist me in running my day-to-day professional and personal life. I am located in Covent Garden, London, and am looking for someone full-time.

While you'll be able to work from home most of the time, I'd like you close by to East or Central London, so we can easily meet on short notice. Duties would include a combination of personal, Altitude Shoes and other company responsibilities, and would involve a range of tasks from creative thinking to simple errand running.

About you:

You are so smart. You are a combination of "E" from Entourage (because of his attention to detail and ability to handle any task) and "Chloe" from 24 (because of her super computer skills and fast thinking). You think clearly, type fast, write well, crunch numbers in your head, and remember minute details.

Your tasks will be wide and varied. In one moment, you may deal with certain Altitude Shoes customer service inquiries, in the next, you'll be assisting me in implementing certain growth initiatives for the Company. You'll also keep me organized and help me maximize the time I spend focusing on growing my Companies rather than doing administrative tasks. You are also very likely to have work from my other Companies, which are also a main focus.

Professional-related responsibilities:

  1. Reading/responding to customer emails. We get about 5-6 queries a week from customers or potential customers. They aren't complicated, but need to be responded too. Superior written communication skills and the ability to "wow" people with good service is a must. (20% of job)
  2. Assisting on implementing certain initiatives that help grow the business. This may include drafting emails to our now 1000 strong international client base, talking to potential retailers etc (20% of job)
  3. Coordinating communication (phone, IM, email) with other employees, vendors, and clients (10% of job)
  4. Coordinating client communication for my other companies (20% of job)
  5. Miscellaneous other activities. This may include invoicing and checking payments, replying to potential resellers, replying to my emails, creating documents that I need etc (the rest of the %)
  6. Coordinating business travel: flights, hotels, activities, conferences (< 1% of job)
  7. Jumping over tall buildings in a single leap, curing cancer and building an orphanage for puppies that can't bark. Or otherwise having a strong sense of humour and a positive attitude. (100% of job)

Personal-related responsibilities:

  1. Coordinating personal travel: flights, hotels, doing research on places to go, things to do. (<1% of job)
  2. Setting appointments (doctor, dentist, hair cut) (<1% of job)
  3. Personal shopping (<1% of job)
  4. Running other errands (<5% of job)

Required skills and experience:

  • Minimum three years professional work experience
  • Superior written communication (this is the the most important quality I look for)
  • Must be an expert at using Windows. Can you create a text file, save it to the root C drive, and then FTP it somewhere? Do you know all the major file extensions? Can you use excel?
  • Strong organization skills and attention to detail
  • Above average math skills
  • Negotiation skills a big plus (Can you convince the airline agent to waive the ticket change fee? Can you plead for mercy with the TMobile service rep to reduce the unexpectedly high international call charges for the month?)

To apply for this fun and exciting position:

Send cover letter in the Body of your email, and resume as an attached Word .RTF (Rich Text Format) file to info [at] (Replace “at” with an @ sign.) Your cover letter should demonstrate your superb writing skills and convey why you are the perfect candidate for this job.

Additionally, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in the following areas:

  • Windows skills
  • Math skills
  • Writing skills
  • Negotiation skills


Approximately $3k (£1850) per month, which is partly comprised of a small profit bonus.

Salary will increase as rapidly as the awesomeness of person increases.

What happens next?

  1. I will read, review, and reply to every single email I receive that follows the directions (on a rolling basis).
  2. Then I'll create a shortlist of a few standout candidates whom I'll speak to on the phone for 15 minutes each.
  3. From here, the rest of the recruiting process will occur, including an in-person interview, reference checking, and other due diligence.
Altitude Shoes
6 Hay's Lane, London, SE1 2HB