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Shoe Lift Kits For Men, Shoe Lift Inserts

What are Shoe Lift Kits?

Shoe lift kits are inserts you can add to High Top trainers to add an extra 4cm to your height. There is also a bolt on that can be added to increase your height an extra 1cm. Each Shoe Lift Insert slides inside the trainer like a normal insole and can be taken out whenver you like, although our shoe lift kits come in packs of two pairs meaning you wont have to swap them as often when you're in rush to get out the door! 

What Shoes should Shoe Lift Inserts be worn with?

Traditionally basketball players have worn Shoe Lift Inserts to boost comfort when playing professional games. High tops are made by brands such as Nike, Addidas, Reebok and Puma. Its recommeded that you don't wear our Shoe Lift Kits in anything lower than a 'mid' trainer, although I would go for the high tops as they look more stylish.

Why wear Shoe Lift Kits?

Quite simply not every man is born what is considered tall. Studies show that taller men get better jobs, and women are more attracted to men who are relatively taller than them. If you're not 6 foot tall this isn't the end of the world, psycologist Hensley reported that 68% of the women who took part in their study preferred men of relative height, with only 32% reporting being over 6 foot, so you have a lot of options out there guys!

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