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Altitudes Shoes

Hey guys,the shoes were great... cheeers! No problem about the small deley in delivery and thanks for the phone call explaining why- great customer service.

Anyway, i've attached the picture of me and my girl friend here before and after the shoes... she love them because now she can wear heels around me and i can still be taller then her - score! Sorry the pics aren't the best quality but they were the best that i could do with a cheap digital camera :)

Thanks a lot again lads. I'm a happy man.
Daniel Hawkins, London, UK


Celebrities like Jaz Z, Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Usher are hardly seen without their hi-tops so why not take advantage of the current weather and sport these uber cool shoes when they're at their peak of being fashionable. Paired with shoe lift kits, they will turn heads all for the right reasons.

Look 2 Inches Taller1
Feel 10 Times hotter

Price includes 2x Lift Kits Suitable for 2 Pairs of shoes.

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