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Shoes That Make You Taller (Dress Range)

Height Increase: 7.5cm / 3in
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Our specially designed golf height shoe. Trendy. Functional. Funky. Perfect for that golfing event or even the nightclub or bar that you want to stand out and stand up in. This shoe will add 3 inches / 7.5 cms to your height. Altitude Height Increasing Insoles add comfort and height to the shoe. Learn More
Height Increase: 7.5cm / 3in
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Wearing these classy elevator shoes, you will grow 7.5 cm/3.0 inches taller invisibly every time you go out. Fine calfskin leather upper body with stitch detail. Round toe with a lace up front with seam detail for added style. The shoes have a leather lining and sole for increased comfort and durability. They have a rubber outsole which also adds to the height increase. Learn More
Height Increase: 7cm / 2.75in
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These classy Leisure height Shoes are exquisitely designed for style. They comprise a soft calfskin leather upper body with stitched details and a round toe. The traditional loafer style delivers a superior footwear experience. With a leather lining and HQHI Insoles, the shoe is made for both comfort and height. These shoes will increase your height by an impressive 7cm/2.75 Inches. Learn More

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