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Dress Shoes

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  1. Clark (Brown)

    Clark (Brown)

    Simple yet stylish, these brown lace-up shoes with a fine calfskin upper and durable sole are perfect for the office. These shoes will increase your height by an impressive 6cm/2.5 inches. Learn More

  2. Valentino


    These black leather casual shoes have a classically inspired design and two ring eyelets for laces make you look 2.75 inches/ 7 cm thanks to hidden increaser insets that will not be noticeable to anyone even when you take the shoes off. These shoes look absolutely normal and will give you the height boost youre looking for. The rounded toe and rubberized grip bottom make these shoes very comfortable and therefore great for all day wear. They a... Learn More

  3. Italiano (Black)

    Italiano (Black)

    These stylish black leather loafers are especially designed for the kind of man who takes great care of his appearance. These slip-on shoes with seam detailing look wonderful and increase your height by 2.75 inches/ 7 cm. Also, no one will be able to tell because these shoes appear as normal as they look and the PU hidden increaser does the trick perfectly. These shoes are made of the finest calfskin leather and have tapered toes for your comf... Learn More

  4. Asher


    These stylish black boots made of genuine calfskin leather go a little above your ankles and increase your height by an impressive 3.54 inches/ 9 cm. They look absolutely normal and yet give you the increase you want, which will not be noticeable to anyone, even when you take them off. The lace front with seam details is a nice touch in terms of design and the PU inset and insole is padded to absorb shock from walking. Also, the material breat... Learn More

  5. Blackstone


    These comfortable slip-on black leather shoes make you 3.15 inches/ 8 cm taller thanks to PU increaser insets hidden in the normal-looking 1.3 inches leather sole. They are pointed toe European style dress shoes with a shimmery calfskin upper body and boast fine stitch detailing. Hand-made, they are carefully designed to resemble renowned top brands. These shoes are a wonderful and necessary addition to the wardrobe of any modern, well-dressed... Learn More

  6. Greatness (Black)

    Greatness (Black)

    Breathe class into your wardrobe with these European-style, calfskin dress shoes. Wonderfully simple in design and functionality, the pointed toe and stitch detailing is similar to that seen within top brands. While the visible outsole is a normal looking 1.3 inches, these shoes will make you 3.2 inches/ 8 cm taller thanks to their soft, comfortable hidden PU sole inserts. PLEASE NOTE: THESE SHOES HAVE A LONG DESIGN SO THERE IS MORE ROOM AT... Learn More

  7. Height Shoe


    These black patent leather dress shoes are a must-have item for any modern, sharp and smart dressing urban man. They are slip-on, which makes them very easy to put on and take off, with stitch detailed seams, a tapered toe and boast a stylish patent calfskin leather upper body. These elegant shoes come with a leather lining, PVC outsoles. The soles are fitted with soft and comfortable PU increaser insets that add an extra 2.75 inches/ 7 cm to ... Learn More

  8. Amadora Height Shoe


    These elegant black pig leather-lined dress shoes with their fine calfskin leather upper body are perfect formal wear for the kind of man known for his exquisite style and attention to detail. The tapered toe feature ensures maximum comfort and the PU hidden increaser enhances your height by 2.75 inches/ 7 cm. These slip-on elegant shoes come with beautiful with seam detail that will ensure your appearance will rise to the occasion. The leathe... Learn More

  9. Cambridge (Tan & Brown)

    Cambridge (Tan & Brown)

    These classic loafers are a great choice to fit both style and comfort. Easy to wear and suitable for numerous occasions, these loafers give you an added 2.5 inches/ 6.5 cm to your height while their treaded PVC sole looks an absolutely normal 1.2 inches. These shoes lined with pig leather boast an elegant fine calf skin upper body with beautiful stitch detail and a very comfortable poron cushion inner sole enhance your physical appearance whi... Learn More

  10. Front View


    These trendy boots will increase your height by an amazing 9 cm / 3.54 inches. With a fine calf skin upper, round toe and lace front (with seam detail), these boots will be a stylish addition to your wardrobe. In addition to looking great, the boots have been designed with a smooth lining and insole which draws moisture away, as well as additional padding to absorb shock and alleviate pressure on your feet and legs. These boots are truly the ... Learn More

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