Reddit reveals 'feminine' things men wishes were more socially acceptable

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Our team at Altitude have recently read a Reddit forum on things men would do if it wasn’t so “feminine” or socially “unacceptable”.
  While we celebrate the great achievements women have fought hard for in society, we couldn’t help but wonder the many things women can enjoy that men are still questioned for. Such as height increasing shoes for men - although most brands have not caught up with the conversation yet, Altitude have always aimed to bring people together and help achieve great heights.   Reading through the forum it’s interesting to see the number of comments that expresses men’s interest in sewing, laser hair removal and the curiosity of wearing yoga pants! And speaking as a woman myself, I do feel blessed to have the option of rocking a pair of long yoga pants while matching a blazer and flats aiming both comfort and fashion.   One commented, “My girlfriend bought me a pair of running tights to keep me warm in the winter (i work outside) and i love them. Wear them around the house all the time. So. Fucking. Comfortable.” So our point is this: if it’s acceptable for your loved ones, if it’s comfortable for you and you love it. Embrace it! And own it!

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