Women of Reddit: To ditch or not heels for men

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  We recently read a forum on Reddit that stirred conflicting arguments that was raised by a women asking if she should ditch her high heels as she feels bad that her boyfriend would be shorter than her in heels.   One of the comments that came up put us at a bit of unease. “If your boyfriend has expressed insecurities about his height before, then you’d probably wanna skip the heels” - quoted a woman.   Absolutely not. Ladies, we say if you love the heels, keep the heels.   While height difference between a man and a woman is irrelevant when it comes to true love - through research, observation and experience, it is another story when it comes to the relationship women have with shoes, especially one of those Christian Louboutins or Jimmy Choos. It’s a whole other ball game men have to play in in order to compete with Christian or Jimmy.   We know it’s a difficult choice - and a choice that is needless to make because Altitude Shoes gives you the best of both worlds. Why can’t we make the two tango? Fashion doesn’t have to be about sacrificing one over another, it should be about celebrating style and feeling great with the person that you love. Therefore at Altitude shoes, We encourage and embrace shoes of all styles that make you feel great and look great! Our height increasing shoes for men gives couples the opportunity to celebrate the moment of looking stylish and tall together. So whether you're a man looking to for an extra bit of height or a woman who wants to look tall with her man, check out a our selection of shoes of all styles and occasions here: http://www.altitudeshoes.com/tall-men-shoes.html

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