Yacht (Brown)

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These brown casual shoes made with the greatest of care using the finest suede leather enhance your physical appearance by boosting your height 2.75 inches/ 7 cm. Their special increaser insets are well hidden and never apparent, even when you take the shoes off. However, you might not want to take these shoes off too soon because they are too stylish and comfortable and perfect for all day wear. Also, their rubberised bottom is very durable and makes these shoes great for both casual wear and for sports.

Additional Information

Extra Height
2.75 inches / 7cm
These height increasing Altitude Shoes are made using high quality leather. They are lightweight with a breathable suede upper and a rubberised grip bottom for added stability.
How To Clean Them
First, remove all dirt with a sponge or piece of cloth or other material. The cloth may be dry or moist, depending on how heavy the stains are. Baby soap may be used in the event of deep stains but be sure to mix with water first. Avoid shower gels or coloured soaps and mix the soap with water first. Alternatively, special shoe cleaner can be used. Gently wipe the leather dry. Leave for 15-20 minutes or until fully dry. If desired, use a professional shoe cream to finish to create a new and/or polished look.
Leather, Suede


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